Etched Glass Designs

The Look of Etched Glass!

Glass makers have been etching Glass for years upon years and clearly it is an artform. Etching glass truly is quality craftmanship however it can take hours to do a single pane of glass costing large dollars! What do you do when you decide that you want a new design? You then have to replace the whole pane of glass!

At Much More Than Signs, we know that you’re in business to earn money and it’s not easy. We can give you that etched glass look without the big price tag. Do you want privacy without the maintenance of bulky window coverings? Do you want to give an artful or elegant look to your window fronts? Do you want to put your company logo in the mirror behind your bar, or separating your restaurant booths? Etched Glass Vinyl is the way to go! Generally we can do most of your glass for the same price or lower than having one pane physically etched out.

If you’re renting your space, I am sure the property manager or landlord would be more than happy to let you have the glass etched, however, they will probably require you to replace the glass in the event you wish to expand and move your business. That could cost you thousands of dollars. Etched Glass vinyl does not leave any physical marks on the glass and can be removed by us if the need arises. Etched Glass vinyl is the smarter, more economical way to go. Contact us today for a consult and quote.