Box Lit Signs

A sign that gets noticed!

A common type of sign is the Box Lit Sign, They provide a professional look and will also bring a sleek stylish look to your place of buisness. They can be pretty much any shape or size providing they meet your municipal by-law standards! Not only do they look good, but they can be seen at night very well and will also provide additional lighting to where ever you decide to place it!

The order process for these is more detailed as we must make sure everything is done right! We need to have exact dimensions and be sure we actaully can mount this where you want it. Also an electrician will be required for install as these require an electrician by Law to connect them to your existing exterior power outlet. Not having an electrician will void your warranty and could pose a potential fire hazard. No one wants that! Much More Than Signs has electricians available to do this. We work to serve you in an efficient professional mannor delivering you a quality product safely! The Light box and all electrical componants are manufactured in Canada and are made in various shapes and sizes, and we do the rest! Contact us today for a no obligation quote!