There are estimated 1.2 Million Billboards along highways in Canada alone!!! They advertise everything, restaurants, resorts, hotels, sign companies, museums, tourist attractions, lawyers, realtors, landscapers, big box department store chains! Why you ask? Because they work! One sign along a busy highway is better than any phone book ad, website banner, news paper ad, or radio ad. Every car driving by will see your bill board!

I’m sure you remember driving by one of those signs that says “Place your ad here” and lists a phone number? Of course you have and guess what? Thats proof to yourself right now that billboards work!

At much more than signs, we will design your smart professional Billboard, show you what is will look like, then Make it! All you need to do is find the billboard you want it set up on or have it built at your location! Get In Contact with us today!